Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge CheatsEdit

Here are Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge Cheats for missions on Club Penguin: Herbert’s Revenge for the Nintendo DS.

Herbert’s Revenge Mission 1: The Elite Penguin Force

  1. Slide your DS stylus and explore, and you will get a call on your spy phone. Answer it.
  2. Talk to Dot, Rookie, and Jet Pack Guy in the HQ, then listen to the Director.
  3. You will be transported to the secret facility, and meet the Puffle Handler. He will give you the puffle whistle!
  4. Go through a door with a red and blue puffle on it. You will enter a cave.
  5. You will find 2 boxes; use the puffle whistle to let the red puffle break them.
  6. Use your puffle whistle for the blue puffle, which will throw snowballs at the 3 targets.
  7. Go back through the door, and you will be back with the Puffle Handler.
  8. The Director will give another task.
  9. Go to the cave door, and after listening, click on the box to get a Jackhammer, a rope, and an Anchor.
  10. Go to your inventory, and use the broken jackhammer to clean the river.
  11. Play the mini game and put the pieces of the jackhammer back together.
  12. You have crossed to the other side of the river. After talking, continue down the cave tunnel.
  13. You will come across a cliff, so put the anchor and hook together, climb the cliff, and play the new minigame.
  14. Listen to the agents, they will give you items.
  15. You will get a jet pack, belt, and a broomstick.
  16. Select the belt, use it on the door, use the jet pack on the broomstick, and use that on the belt.
  17. To bend the bars, rotate the broomstick as they arrows say.
  18. Congratulate your friends, and go through the bars.
  19. You will come across another wall, and talk to the agents.
  20. You will need to stand on top of each other to get over the wall.
  21. Play the mini game, tap on the penguins to pick them up and stack them.
  22. The order from top to bottom is Rookie, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, and then you.
  23. You have successfully climbed the wall!
  24. Talk to the director, he will congratulate you and make you a team leader of the EPF!
  25. Claim your reward, and you are done with the mission!

Herbert’s Revenge Mission 2: Secret of the Fur

  1. Talk to the director, then talk to Gary
  2. Use your wrench in the spy phone on the machine Gary is working on ; rotate the wrench to tighten the nut.
  3. Talk to Gary.
  4. Select the comb from the spy gadget, and use it on the pink fur you see.
  5. Use the fur on the “Furensic Analyzer 3000”
  6. Talk to Gary, and you will see a fan, put it in your inventory.
  7. Go to the beach, pick the net up, go to the lighthouse and pick up the rope.
  8. Go to the beacon, and use the fan on the gas.
  9. Then, select the scissors, and use it on the balloon. Put the can of gas in your inventory.
  10. Extra: go to the pizza parlor, put the pizza in your inventory, then go to the ski lodge through the fishing door, and give it to the penguin.
  11. Go back to the pizza parlor, and talk to the chef. Put the 2 sauces in your inventory.
  12. Go to the coffee shop, and use the mechano-duster to clean up the coffee beans.
  13. Go to the coffee shop, use your wrench on the hose, and then click the hot or cold button.
  14. Put the mug in your inventory, and put it under the hot chocolate machine.
  15. Select the chocolate sauce from your inventory, and put it on top of the hot chocolate machine, and then press the hot chocolate button, then pick up the mug.
  16. Go to the HQ, and talk to Gary.
  17. Go to your inventory, and select the jet pack gas, the hot sauce, and the hot chocolate in the funnel of the machine.
  18. You will get some goggles, put them in your inventory.
  19. Go to the ski lodge, and pick up the candles.
  20. Go through the gone fishing door, and use the rope and net from inventory and put it on the tree
  21. Click on Klutzy and the fur, then put him in your inventory, the go to the HQ and talk to Gary.
  22. Talk to Gary
  23. Put the fur in Gary’s machine
  24. You have beaten mission 2 of Herbert’s Revenge! Claim your reward!

Herbert’s Revenge Mission 3: Questions for a Crab

  1. Talk to Gary in the gadget room
  2. Follow Klutzy out of the gadget room, then the HQ, then all the way to the ski hill.
  3. After talking to all the penguins, tap the place where Klutzy disappears.
  4. Exit through the right Forest path
  5. Use scissors from your spy gadget to cut the O’berry bag from the tree, and then put it in your inventory.
  6. Go through the path at the right, to the stump.
  7. Feed an O’berry to the black puffle, then go through the cave entrance at the right.
  8. After Klutzy goes through the cave entrance, drop another O’berry to the black puffle, and give it to the black puffle. He will open the cave door.
  9. Enter the cave, and Herbert will appear. He will talk a lot, and answer many questions and give lots of information.
  10. When you are done talking to Herbert, go to the water wheel.
  11. Drop an O’berry on to the valve, at the right. Then, drop another O’berry on the left side of the gutter in the center. Drop the last O’Berry on the scale, located on the left.
  12. The cage will open. Put the rope, anchor, hot sauce, and Blue Prints (on the wall).
  13. If you tap the door, snow will block the entrance.
  14. Combine the O’berry with the hot sauce, then feed it to the black puffle, which will blow open the door.
  15. In the Wilderness, go back near the cliff side; go left, right, and right.
  16. To go to a different view, tap on the cliff side. Combine the rope with the anchor.
  17. Tap the newly made Grappling hook so it drops on top of the cliff. Play the mini game.
  18. After that, go to the Pizza Parlor and get a Seaweed Pizza from the chef.
  19. Go to the Ski Lodge, then the “Gone Fishing” door.
  20. Give the Pizza to Herbert, and then tap the red handle on the chopping machine.
  21. Listen to Gary and Herbert, then give the plans to Gary and the mission will end.

Herbert’s Revenge Mission 4: Mysterious Tremors

  1. Talk to Gary in the gadget room.
  2. Get the hammer and the hat behind Gary, and put it in your inventory.
  3. Go to the sports shop, talk to the penguin. Take the box of pegs, which are at the tent, and put it in your inventory.
  4. Go to the Dock, and listen to Herbert. After he is gone, put the lantern in your inventory. TO turn it on, tap it.
  5. Go to the beach and pick up a net.
  6. Go to the lighthouse, talk to the orange penguin, and take the box of balloons and then the barrel.
  7. Now, you will need to find 2 pieces of the map.
  8. Go to the town and give the hat from your inventory to the green puffle.
  9. Go to the Coffee Shop, and speak to the penguin to clean up the cookies.
  10. Tap the cookies on the floor, which will clean it up.
  11. Talk to the penguin again, he will give you a cookie.
  12. Feed it to the green puffle, and you will get a piece of the map.
  13. Go to the snow forts, and the 2nd map piece will be at the Flag Pole.
  14. Tap it, and it will fly away to the plaza. Go to the plaza.
  15. The map piece will fly to a newspaper being read by a penguin near the Stage.
  16. Speak to the penguin, ask him for the map. He will say no, because he wants a pizza.
  17. Go to the Pizza Parlor, and get a pizza from the chef.
  18. Give the pizza to the penguin at the stage, and in return he will give you the 2nd piece of the map.
  19. Combine the 2 pieces to receive the full map.
  20. Go back to the Gadget room, and tap on the helium.
  21. Talk to Gary, and ask him to take the Helium. Combine the Helium with the box of balloons in your inventory, and you will get an inflated balloon.
  22. Use the Cream Soda from your inventory, and use it on the gift shop. Shake it until it blows up.
  23. Select the net from your inventory, and put it below the gift shop. Then, select the pegs and use it on the net.
  24. Select the hammer and use it on the pegs.
  25. Go to the dock, then enter the tunnel with the lanterns on. Take a fork and start the “Amazing Maze” Mini Game.
  26. Go under and through the gift shop, past the next room, and to the boiler room.
  27. Talk to Herbert, and soon he will escape.
  28. Tap the broken pipes on the floor to start the “Pipe Dreams” mini game.
  29. Complete a path of pipes from starting to end to finish the game, by moving 2 pieces together.
  30. After the game, go back to the HQ, and talk with Gary.
  31. Congratulations! You have beat Mission 4 of Herbert’s Revenge!

Herbert’s Revenge Mission 5: Spy and Sneak:

  1. Talk to Gary
  2. Pick up the inflatable duck, 3 tracking machines, and the blueprint of a kite.
  3. Go to the Plaza, and talk to the yellow penguin, he will give you gum.
  4. Go to the Dock, and talk to the green penguin
  5. Click on the cord, and then tug the rope. Talk to the penguin, and he will let your borrow the air pump.
  6. Go to the Iceberg
  7. In your inventory, combine the gum and duck, combine the air pump and duck, and move the pump to fill the inflatable duck with air.
  8. Use the duck on the water.
  9. Go to the mine, and pick up the sticks into your inventory.
  10. Talk to Rory, the construction penguin.
  11. Click the troughs at the far side of the mine, and then move the planks in order to free the trough.
  12. After talking to the penguin, click the mine cart twice.
  13. Use the blow torch to fix the crack with your blow torch.
  14. Select the tracking device in your inventory, and put it on the mine cart.
  15. Go to the ski lodge, and then talk to the purple penguin.
  16. Find the Find Four pieces, in the attic and ski lodge.
  17. Up at the attic, pick up the string.
  18. Go to the ski hill.
  19. Go to your inventory, and combine the kite blueprint and the sticks, combine the string with the newly made kite, and combine the tracking device with the kite. Use the kite in the sky.
  20. Go to the HQ and Talk to Gary.
  21. Take the binoculars.
  22. Go to the Ski Lodge, through the “Gone Fishing” door.
  23. Use the binoculars from your inventory and look at the sky.
  24. Complete the Mini Game, “Amazing Maze”.
  25. Click on the spy phone, and combine it with the binoculars.
  26. Place the binoculars in the tree. Go to the HQ and talk to Gary.
  27. Congratulations, you are done with mission 5!

Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge Mission 6: Waddle Squad

  1. Talk to Gary, then Herbert, then the director.
  2. Put the Solar Panel near the box and add it in your inventory.
  3. Go to the lighthouse and help Jet Pack Gut. Get the barrel of cream soda in the lighthouse then give it to Jet Pack Guy.
  4. The Beaker Game will start.
  5. Solution:
  6. 8 beaker goes in 3 beaker, 3 beaker goes in 5 beaker,
  7. 8 beaker goes in the 3 beaker, the 3 beaker goes in the 5 beaker,
  8. the 5 beaker goes in the 8 beaker, the 3 beaker goes in the 5 beaker,
  9. the 8 beaker goes in the 3 beaker, and finally the 3 beaker goes in the 5 beaker.
  10. Go to the Dock, talk to the penguin, and get the rope.
  11. Talk to Rookie at the Gift Shop.
  12. Place the solar panel in your inventory on top of the magnet, in order to open up the circuits.
  13. Put each color wire to its corresponding color, and do not cross the colors.
  14. Then, go to the nightclub, and place the rope from your inventory on the box, at the back near the cage.
  15. Tap the box, and when it breaks, use your spy phone wrench to the box to open the panel.
  16. When the box is opened, tap the gear shift box, which will fix the gears.
  17. Drag the gears, on the peg, so they fit with the other gears, causing them to spin.
  18. You will get a call from Jet Pack guy, go to the dock.
  19. Tap on Klutzy, and Rookie will call you.
  20. Go to the nightclub.
  21. Tap the gear box with your stylus to cause the cage to capture Herbert.
  22. Herbert will escape, and Gary will call you.
  23. When Jet Pack Guy comes, tap on him to get the jetpack.
  24. Use the jetpack on the cage, which will stick to the cage and re-capture Herbert.
  25. Herbert will escape again, and the Mission is over!

Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge Mission 7: Veggie Villain

  1. Talk to Gary, and he will give instructions.
  2. Go to the gift shop, and talk with Rookie.
  3. Pick up the popcorn kernels near him, then go to the staff door and talk to Jet Pack Guy, and pick up the seeds near him and put it in your inventory.
  4. Gary will call you on your EPF spy phone.
  5. Gary will talk, and then Herbert will take over all the monitors. Then, Gary will issue orders.
  6. Go to the ski village and talk to the other agents.
  7. Talk to the penguin playing with marbles, and pick one bag up.
  8. Go to the lighthouse and talk to the penguin with the guitar. Use the wrench on him, and take the box next to him. You will get a spray bottle and cloth.
  9. Pick the DVD up at the piano, and put it in your inventory.
  10. Combine the cleaning spray and cloth, and then clean the DVD.
  11. Give the DVD from the inventory to Rookie.
  12. Tap the signal transmitter next to the movie screen. Use your spy phone wrench in the right corner. Go back to the ski village by tapping the upper right.
  13. Go to the mine shack, and go to the cornfield at the right. Start the “Amazing Maze” game.
  14. After the game, follow the trail of corn, then follow the other trail to a place with the wooden plank, and put it in your inventory. Then, take the exit.
  15. Take the path with the corn. Drop the wooden plank on the river to cross it.
  16. Complete the “Amazing Maze” mini-game, and then talk to Rookie.
  17. Use the corn from your inventory to the fire near the cliff. Or, you can use call the blue puffle to throw snowballs at the lever of the ladder.
  18. Talk to Herbert in front of his computer. Click the cord with your stylus to unplug his computer, and then you will be transported to the HQ, with a popcorn bomb.
  19. At the HQ, tap the yellow book at the left of the cabinet (below map)
  20. Do the color wheel lock game.
  21. Guides: The white area is empty, tapping a color next to the empty space will shift the color, and you have to line up the all the colors to complete it.
  22. When you unlock the color wheel, Dot will arrive. She will transport everyone to the Ski Village.
  23. There will be lots of talking, and the Mission is over.
  24. Congratulations, you are finished with Mission 7 of Herbert’s Revenge!

Herbert’s Revenge Mission 8: Suspect at Large

  1. Talk to the director.
  2. Put the crab costume on the table into your inventory.
  3. Tap the suitcase inside the panel to open the clothing area.
  4. Equip the crab costume just by tapping it.
  5. Talk to Dot.
  6. Tap the correct position in the mirror that represents Klutzy’s movement.
  7. Talk to G, and then take the camera from him. Use the camera on G to take a picture of him.
  8. Go through the “Gone Fishing” door, then across the lake.
  9. You will be at Herbert’s layer, and you have to find 4 torn pieces of blueprints.
  10. The first piece is on a table under the log.
  11. The 2nd is inside a tree; call the green puffle to get it.
  12. Use the purple puffle to get the one under the rock.
  13. Tip the bucket of ice using the yellow puffle to get the 4th piece.
  14. Put together the 4 pieces of the blueprints.
  15. Gary and Jet Pack Guy will call.
  16. Go to the ski hill, and click to the right of the signs.
  17. Take the path to the right of each trail to go to Herbert’s cave.
  18. Talk to Jet Pack Guy.
  19. Go into Herbert’s cage
  20. Use the mechano-duster from your inventory on the ash in the front of the table.
  21. Arrange the pieces on the floor to show a secret code.
  22. Tap the fake rock. Dot will call.
  23. Go out of the cave and look especially for fake rocks.
  24. When you see the fake rock at the stump of a tree, tap it twice.
  25. Jet pack guy will call, the entry to Herbert’s new hideout will be revealed.
  26. Use the mechano-duster in front of the door, a door mat will appear, and tap it to get the key.
  27. Put your crab costume on.
  28. Rookie will call; he will say he has found Herbert at the ice rink.
  29. Tap the key near the barrel.
  30. Using the camera from your inventory, to take a picture of the palm tree.
  31. Use the spy phone wrench on the panel next to the door.
  32. Use the spy phone scissors to cut the wire.
  33. Go through the door.
  34. Tap the key on top of the fireplace.
  35. Take a picture with the camera of the table with plants.
  36. Tap the switch and go through the 2 door.
  37. Tap Klutzy and match his poses.
  38. Tap the key on the shelf and put it in your inventory.
  39. Take another picture of the umbrella and beach chair.
  40. Use the 3 keys you have on the door under the light.
  41. Rookie will call, and tell you Herbert is coming.
  42. Tap the blueprints, and then exit.
  43. Herbert will mistake your for Klutzy.
  44. Exit from the other door. Herbert will realize his plans are gone.
  45. Jet pack guy will call. Tap the beam coming from the sky.
  46. Use the wrench on the panel, and then start the grapple gadget game.
  47. Jet pack guy will teleport you to the HQ.
  48. Mission Complete! You will get the klutzy crab costume!

Herbert’s Revenge Mission 9: Herbert’s Plan

  1. Talk to G, and get the Heads up 3000.
  2. Play the mini game.
  3. In the mini game, Use this device to help other agents track Herbert and use the map to tell the agents where to track next.
  4. In the mini game, you will have 10 seconds to disguise Dot, play Rookie’s focus wheel, or Jet Pack Guy’s landing.
  5. After the first 5 clues are uncovered, the agents will be abducted.
  6. Talk to Gary. You will receive the tracking device, a grappling hook, and jackhammer.
  7. Follow the tracking device to the ski hill, and go to the wilderness.
  8. Follow the tracker to the left, then the river, then the white puffle.
  9. Tap the white puffle on the river to create a bridge for you to cross.
  10. Call the yellow puffle.
  11. You are at the bottom of a mountain.
  12. Use your grappling hook on the mountain to start the Grapple Gadget game.
  13. Talk to Rookie, and then call the green puffle to retrieve Rookie’s hat, and then return it to him.
  14. Rookie will give you a fishing line.
  15. Call the yellow puffle to open the ice block, where the two puffles are trapped.
  16. Use your spy phone wrench to open the cage where the puffles are.
  17. Go to the left path, and then play the Amazing Maze game to continue.
  18. Call the red puffle to knock the cardboard tree down.
  19. Talk to Dot.
  20. Pick the all four broken propeller pieces, then the other piece of the windmill.
  21. Combine all the pieces, and complete the mini game.
  22. Place the whole propeller on the windmill by using the black puffle, to free Dot and the pink puffle.
  23. Go back to Rookie and use the Jackhammer on the snow. Complete the mini game.
  24. Continue to where Jet Pack Guy is.
  25. Talk to Jet Pack Guy.
  26. Use the fishing rod in your inventory on Jet Pack Guy to rescue him.
  27. Complete the mini game.
  28. Call the Yellow puffle, and use it on the rocket to break it.
  29. Use your spy phone scissors to free Jet Pack Guy.
  30. Call the blue puffle to free the purple puffle. Then, use the purple puffle to move the giant rock.
  31. Go through the unblocked entrance, and take the left path to Dot.
  32. Use the Grappling Hook on the mountain and complete the Grapple Gadget mini game.
  33. You and the other agents are at the top of the mountain.
  34. Herbert will come and turn his magnifying glasses on.
  35. Gary will call. Pick up the ice blocks you see and put then in your inventory.
  36. Complete the resulting mini game.
  37. To destroy the magnifying glass, move Dot’s beam to connect to Rookie’s,
  38. Move Rookie’s beam to connect with Jet Pack Guy.
  39. Move Jet Pack Guy’s beam to connect with yours.
  40. Move your beam until it is pointing at the magnifying glass.
  41. The magnifying glass will blow up, and mission accomplished!

Herbert’s Revenge Mission 10: The Ultimate Mission

  1. Listen to the Director. He will tell you that a geyser has erupted.
  2. Talk to Gary. You will be teleported to the near the mine shack.
  3. Listen to Rookie, the Dot, then Gary for instructions.
  4. Go to the ski village where Jet Pack Guy has found Herbert.
  5. Use the scissors on the ski lift.
  6. Call the purple puffle, and then use him on Klutzy.
  7. Talk to Herbert, until he agrees to work with you to save the island.
  8. Go to the Gift shop, talk to the Shop Owner, and take the floating device and jacket.
  9. Go back to the ski village and take the rubber duck floating tube on the left. Give all 3 items to Herbert.
  10. Rookie will come, then talk to Gary and Dot.
  11. Go to the attic in the ski lodge.
  12. Cut the string off of the box with Klutzy’s claw. Take the inflated octopus.
  13. Go to the Boiler Room, then get the inflated whale.
  14. Go to the underground pool, and take the life preserver.
  15. Go to the iceberg, talk to Gary, and play the Aqua rescue game.
  16. Go to the plaza, then talk to Dot.
  17. Go to the stage, and take the fake beard, then put it in the bucket of paint. Play the mini game.
  18. Go to the Pizza Shop, and talk to the chef.
  19. Take the pan and mop. Use Klutzy’s claw to cut the head off the mop, and then take the pizza pan.
  20. Tap on Dot, and complete the mini game.
  21. Gary will call, go to the mine.
  22. Go to the gift shop, then the staff door, and get the tape on the desk.
  23. Go to the ski village, then use the tape on the balloon.
  24. Use the helium on the balloon, then give it to Herbert.
  25. Go back to the mine shack.
  26. Use the jackhammer on the geyser, and play the mini game.
  27. Call the white puffle, and use it to freeze the geyser.
  28. Herbert will call. Talk to him.
  29. Call Klutzy from the puffle menu, and use him on the statue above the geyser.
  30. Use the purple puffle to drop the statue on the geyser.
  31. Use the black puffle to weld the statue.
  32. Play the mini game.
  33. Talk to the Director, and Mission 10 of Herbert’s Revenge is complete!
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